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Benefits of Brazilian Waxing - A new sensuality...

Its Smooth... There are a lot of obvious advantages of Brazilian waxing.
First, you get an incredibly smooth bikini wax. Brazilian waxing usually removes all the hair so you will feel smooth all over. That smooth bikini wax will last for a couple of weeks before it is time to go for your next Brazilian waxing. The smooth bikini waxing will translate almost instantly into a higher confidence level. You will feel much sexier and more sensual after a ‘Smooth on the Move’ Brazilian waxing.

Pain!?! If the pain of Brazilian waxing is something that keeps you from undergoing Brazilian waxing, then rest assured the benefits of Brazilian waxing include less pain each time.  Hair grows in finer each time you wax it, making it easier to pull out next time. Furthermore, less hair
grows back in so there will be less to wax. Brazilian waxing also allows for less razor burn and cuts, since you aren’t shaving, unless there is maintenance. While the pain and brief embarrassment of Brazilian waxing may be difficult to get over for some, the benefits of Brazilian waxing far outweighs these disadvantages or concerns. Make an appointment for Brazilian waxing and you won’t be sorry.

Carrie's former profession as an aged care nurse should put you at ease if you're a little shy about baring all. As a nurse and now a wax technician Carrie will carry out your appointment putting you at ease, in the privacy of your home, and with your dignity intact. Paper G strings can be used for your privacy if you are a little modest.

It is preferable that you have your follow up Brazilian before the hair gets too long. About 1cm of growth is neded for upkeep waxing but if it is too long you will be charged full price. It is ideal to make your
follow up appointments for about 3 weeks time. If the hair is let grow too long before you wax again it will be a longer appointment and may also be more painful for you.

Ladies Down Under

  • Did you know that ‘Smooth on the Move’ offers 3 types of ladies Brazilian?

  • X

    $10-$15 The Bikini Line - a tidy up around the sides and top of leg ready for the swimming costume.
  • XX

    $40 - $45 The Landing Strip - smooth underneath & sides (with enough hair left to still feel womanly).
  • XXX

    From $55 The whole Shebang - A completely hair free downunder. Enjoy the Smooth experience.
  • Return Brazilian (top up) $40 Maintenance of your Brazilian waxing within an allotted time period

Men's Down Under

  • BSC

    $60 (Price for first time) - Back, pubic area & tummy line (to be
    frank and a bit naughty - commonly known as Back, sack & crack).
  • SC

    $50 - Same as above without the back hair. The pubic area - front
    and back (‘the whole shebang’) & tummy line (snail trail).. hair left to still feel womanly).
  • Return Brazilian (top up) $40 Maintenance of your Brazilian waxing within an allotted time period

Now guys don't be nervous

Chest, back, snail trail, some pubic hair or the whole lot?
Why get Waxed? Whether you would like to feel smoother for grooming and that clean feeling or for sport, self image, or for your partner.. For sport: Improves muscle definition, avoid hair matting, reduces chafing. For your partner: Sensual & Smooth, improved sensitivity, cleaner, more defined appearance. The results will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks, with no maintenance, and there’s no shave that can get you this smooth. (Prices will depend on your density of hair growth).

Brazilian treatments for men come in many variations so it will be best  if you discuss your specific requirements. (Carrie is a sensible and discreet grown woman so need to be shy..) Feel free to ask questions.

Waxing in the privacy and convenience of your own home!

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