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Smooth on the Move uses and supplies Caron Lab’s superior before and after treatment care products. Beauty therapists world wide insist upon Caron’s superior salon waxes and accessories. It is founder Lilliane Caron’s absolute dedication to therapist and client satisfaction that has seen the brand become Australia’s leading salon wax manufacturer; continually setting the salon standard to which others strive.

Caron’s premier range, Smooth & Remove, was unlike anything on the market at that time. It quickly gained a reputation amongst beauty therapists Australia wide for its advanced formulations, which made waxing easier and provided unrivaled results at a very reasonable price. It is still one of Caron’s top selling lines, continuing to delight beauty therapists the world over.

Brilliance Brazillian Wax

Brilliance, Caron’s signature wax, is a unique hypo allergenic XXX white wax with a creamy texture. It is famous for its exceptional flexibility which makes XXX and delicate waxing much easier. It will not go brittle or crack on the skin, delivering unrivalled results. Brilliance is the envy of wax manufacturers’ world over and many have tried, without success, to replicate Caron’s advanced formula.

Bump Eraser

This multi purpose treatment prevents ingrown hairs, eases the discomfort of waxing by up to 80% and with regular use hair growth becomes finer. A lightweight lotion with moisturising properties, Triple Action is ideal for both targeted and larger areas such as the legs, chest and back and makes waxing a breeze. If you have coarse hair you will benefit from regular use of this product, which is ideal for male waxing.

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